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Csillagösvény Waldorf Primary School was established in 1991 – among the first Waldorf schools in Hungary – on the initiative of teachers in Budaörs. It began its operation in a building shared with a traditional school, which, thanks to its growth, was followed by several different rented buildings, reaching its present location on an adventurous journey. Until June 2004, the school operated in Budaörs with the support of the city. From then on, however, the municipality could not help us to provide a building of the right size and capacity, but it was still very cooperative, providing financial assistance for the construction of the new site. Since August 2004, the institution has been located in the neighborhood of Budaörs, XI. district, in one of the educational buildings of the former Vasvári Pál barracks. In the school year of 2016/2017, we held the 25th anniversary celebration of our school, for which we also published a summary quarter-century yearbook.

The operation of the Csillagösvény Waldorf School is based on the Waldorf school framework curriculum approved by the Ministry of Human Resources in Hungary. Its organizational structure seeks to implement the idea of self-government, its pedagogy is based on the anthroposophical image of people, and its curriculum is characterized by blocked scheduling.

The school is run by the College of Teachers as a responsible body, deciding on all matters affecting the school and performing the duties of a principal.

Our school is maintained by the non-profit Rubicon Waldorf Pedagogical Foundation. The basic task of the foundation is to create financial resources for the operation of the primary school and to ensure a high level of educational conditions in order to ensure quality education.

In Waldorf schools, parents are involved at different levels in the life of the institution. They are participants in the spiritual life during the pedagogical discussions of the parental evenings and other events held every 4-6 weeks, including occasions: participating in the festivities; they serve as creators of a concert, theater, exhibition, conference, etc. They are organized as the adult community of the institution or when they are involved as organizers in organizing school events. They are participants in the legal life by the enrollment of their children and shaping the order of the school. They play an economic role by supporting the funding of the maintenance of the Waldorf school: in addition to social work, parents also make a significant contribution to the school’s financial burden in the form of foundation contributions and other offerings. Each parent is the carrier of all three functions (intellectual, legal, economic). Parents engage in school life with free commitment and responsibility, in agreement with the school.

Thus, the parents also take an active part in the life of the school as the Parents’ Circle organization.

The highest decision-making body of our school is the Institutional Conference, in which the Teachers ‘College, the Parents’ Circle and the Board of Trustees are represented.

One of the most important common foundations of our school is the organization of the celebrations throughout the year. The rhythm of our whole school’s life is built on this. All teachers, form teachers and specialist teachers, as well as parents, have a big role to play in these.

In the spirit of conscious life, conscious upbringing, more and more people seem to be interested in pedagogies that support this parental attitude and work in accordance with it – including Waldorf pedagogy. Thanks to this, and as a result of the joint work and efforts of the Teachers’ College, the Board of Trustees and the parents, our school has doubled in the last decade. Our current building has undergone major renovations, new classrooms and in the school year of 2015/16, we first launched two parallel first classes on an experimental basis.

The Csillagösvény Waldorf School is one of the parent institutions of the newly founded Free Waldorf Grammar School (https://szwg.hu/en/). Thanks to its establishment,  our mission can be fulfilled to lead most of the children through the whole Waldorf cycle from nursery school to secondary school graduation.

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